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Our innovative technology enables you to provide your clients with advanced health monitoring solutions. Enhance wearable devices for consumers by incorporating round-the-clock Core Body Temperature tracking through our robust CALERA system. To learn more, explore our OEM integration section.

Converting Thermal Energy into Victorious Insights

In the modern realm of sports, mere physical prowess is no longer sufficient. Athletes are increasingly depending on scientific data and digital resources to enhance their performance. Our thermal sensing system, CALERA, offers athletes a precise way to monitor, assess, and interpret their core body temperature, providing a crucial advantage in competition.

Precision Data for Scientific Inquiry

The sole non-intrusive solution for precise core body temperature monitoring, offering consistent and trustworthy data for research purposes.

We Always Pay Attention to Essential Health Indicators

Real-time, precise data on heat strain. The CALERA sensor technology persistently tracks core body temperature, even under extreme conditions.

Our Technology Knows No Boundaries

Our exclusive Swiss sensor technology is designed to bolster cutting-edge research and development, propelling innovation forward. As advanced materials and methods transform industries, our accurate heat-flux sensors lead the charge. We push the boundaries to broaden your scope of possibilities.

The Significance of Our Technology for Your Endeavors



As leaders in thermal sensing, our advanced Swiss sensor technology is relied upon globally by researchers and various industries to fuel essential innovations and support sustainability. Our expertise spans across manufacturing, health monitoring, consumer wearables, construction, and research and development. With our state-of-the-art technology and skilled team, we’re equipped to assist you in reaching your objectives.

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