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We specialize in producing high-quality thermoelectric heat flux sensors that are tailored to meet your unique needs. Our sensors are printed and designed to integrate seamlessly with other modules, providing you with accurate and reliable measurements every time.

Printed Sensor

The printing of our thermoelectric sensors leads to low costs and a reliable constant output.

Heat Flux Measurement

Our sensors measure the Heat Flux with low thermal resistance.

Universial Sizing

With print on demand technology we offer custom sizing for our sensors.


Changing the Future of Heat Flux Measuring

Our printed thermoelectric heat flux sensors are set to transform the field of heat flux measurement due to their affordability and versatility. These sensors can be easily installed in various settings, making them ideal for researchers and engineers looking to measure heat flux. Moreover, their low cost makes them an accessible tool for a wide range of applications.


⬢ Printable in-house p-type and n-type
thermoelectric materials based on Bi-Sb-Te
⬢ Easy and scalable one-pot synthesis in a ball mill
⬢ Highly efficient and flexible material through
an ultra fast photonic curing process


⬢ Flexible ultra thin substrates
⬢ Large area devices
⬢ Easily up scalable screen-printing process
⬢ Fast and easy customization

Ultra Fast Photonic Curing

⬢ Fast photonic curing of the thermoelectric materials
for rapid manufacturing
⬢ Easy on the thin substrate through local heating
of the printed layers


About our thermoelectric  P- and N- Type materials

Introducing our printable thermoelectric materials, based on Bi-Sb-Te. Our in-house p-type and n-type materials are easy to print and can be synthesized in a ball mill, making the process simple and scalable. With our ultra-fast photonic curing process, we create highly efficient and flexible materials that meet even the most demanding requirements. Contact us today to learn more!

Use Cases

What can you use our technology for?

Climate and Soil monitoring

⬢ Meteorological and ground data measurements
⬢ Aerospace applications
⬢ Agricultural applications

Wearable and medical sensors

⬢ Pixelated heat flux sensor arrays
⬢ Comfortably wearable devices for
sport and medical monitoring
⬢ Skin heat flux measurements
⬢ Core body temperature monitoring

Universal heat flux sensors and sensor arrays

⬢ Industrial heat flux sensors for battery calorimetry
⬢ Ultra thin, flexible and large area substrates
⬢ Adaptable to round and other non-flat surfaces
⬢ Highly customizable to the user’s geometric requirements


Materials & Printing

Advanced thermoelectric materials technology! Our printable materials based on Bi-Sb-Te feature an ultra-fast photonic curing process for exceptional efficiency and flexibility. Our scalable screen-printing process offers customizable substrates and large area devices. Contact us now to learn more!


Printable p-type and n-type inorganic      thermoelectric materials with Bi-Sb-Te

Printing Process

Easy and scalable one-pot ball mill

Photonic Blendering

Highly efficient and flexible material by
micro soldering technology

Curable with millisecond photonic sintering


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